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White Album: Season 1 Episode 16

When I think back to my childhood, the embarrassment I feel is agonizing. Compared to that...

Touya’s father planned to spend the New Year’s holiday at home, but his condition suddenly worsens and he has to return to the hospital. Touya is saddened and disappointed in his father’s condition. A few days later, a meeting is held at Ogata Productions. It is about the Venus Festival, a musical competition for young female singers which is held every February. Rina has never been given a chance to enter it before… The rule is set that each production company may only send one group or singer to the competition. Rina, realizing what was going on in Eiji’s mind, suddenly declares she is going independence, and walks out…

White Album: Season 1 Episode 16
White Album: Season 1 Episode 16
Oct. 18, 2009

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