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White Album: Season 1 Episode 17

There are lies one wants exposed. There are truths one does not want to believe in. There is one of each.

Upon declaring independence from Ogata Productions, Rina leaves. Yuki chases her in the rain and desperately begs her to return. Rina has made up her mind and will not be convinced to go back. After regaining her composure, Yuki reminisces about recording White Album with Rina… While this is going on, Eiji is paid a visit by Itsuki and a consultant sent to regain a picture that wasn’t theirs to give away. However, this is really just one of Itsuki’s plots… Eiji offers his Tri-Sad studio, but the price won’t cover the painting…So what will Eiji offer to pay for it…?

White Album: Season 1 Episode 17
White Album: Season 1 Episode 17
Oct. 25, 2009

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